Zeth Raymond

"You know for years since '87, I hear the animatronics have been locked up, wouldn't they be shocked if an animatronic had gotten out, and had been living out in the world for the past 30 years? What if I told you, I was that animatronic?"

Zeth Raymond is a wingless dragon animatronic that during the commotion during The Bite of '87 escaped the Freddy's pizzeria and struck up a life for himself outside of the pizzeria.

Over the course of thirty years he frequently updated himself and upgraded his hardware. Eventually through means that remain in question, he somehow was able to become a biological representation of what he appeared to be.

As of now Zeth is flesh and blood though he still doesn't remember how it happened. As seen in the photo he tends to stay in rundown areas of cities, because obviously if you saw something not human walking down the sidewalk or street what would you do?

As early as 1979 Zeth was an animatronic huggable prize in the Prize Corner of the original Fazbear's diner. When the diner closed and the new location opened, he was moved to a different shelf but still was unable to be sold. Standing at the height of six inches he was frequently attempted to be eaten by foxy and several other (fan made characters). However, unlike the other animatronics who didn't become self-aware until a child was forced inside of them, he was self-aware from day one. And smart. Using a spare endoskeleton which he would transfer is consciousness into he would begin ordering a new animatronic to be brought in to the pizzeria. When it arrived he transferred his essence into it and became a full sized animatronic.

During the commotion of '87 he was able to escape the Pizzeria and has lived as a jazz musician ever since.

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