Name: Princess Zelda

Age: 17.

Gender: Female.

Species: Hylian.

Occupation: Night Watch at Freddy's.

Height: 1,67 Meters.

Appearance: Blue eyes, Blonde hair, and light skin.

Nationality: English.

Notes: She is Goddess Hylia's daughter and iker and zack's friend and the Reborn Goddess Hylia and has The Triforce of Wisdom and The Savior of The 5 Children.

Description: Zelda is kind, calm, and a little shy, but she is never scared of animatronics and she has a protecter.

Zelda wears the nightguard uniform when she works at Freddy's with a nametag that says "Zelda". She also wears a hat that says "Night Watch" and light brown boots, but she can never go without her golden goddess harp necklace and her golden harp. She also has a locket in her pocket to remember young foxy awhile she is gone and she wears a diamond rainbow balloon necklace given by the children she saved when she traveled through time to 30 years to save them so she can remember and will never forget about them.

Theme Song:

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