Yuka Mochida is a teenage girl, wearing a navy blue smock. Her eyes are a light teal, and she has short brown hair. She has pale skin, and sometimes wears a pink headband. As a spirit, she looks largely the same as she did in life, except with a faint blue glow. She possesses a pink crystal pendant, which is not often seen.


Yuka is a kind and caring girl, with strong hatred for her killer. (Will be revealed in future RPS) She cares deeply for her friends. She's not as naive as she was in life, having learned from the mistakes which got her killed. She tends to scare easily, and will often flee from the Withered animatronics and Springtrap, if she sees any of them.


(To be revealed later)


Yuka has a good amount of abilities. These include, but are not limited to:

  • She can speak and understand Latin and Zalgo. (Don't ask about the Zalgo part)
  • She's rather smart, and can decipher things such as curses with some time on her part.
  • She's skilled at flying, and can get to places quickly.
  • She can shoot a gun with high accuracy, and hit targets from a good distance away.
  • She can repair things easily, since she trained in life.
  • She knows a good amount of magical spells.
  • She has telepathy.


  • This Yuka IS relative to FNAF, and is speculated to have been murdered by the Purple Man.
  • Yuka likes to use sarcasm, and she uses it quite frequently.
  • She REALLY hates the Purple Man.
  • She is played by PierrotEclipse in RPs.
  • She..has two personalites. Her "little sister" one, and her "normal" one.
  • She will not hesitate to hit people.
  • She originates from the Corpse Party series.

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