Young Jerry

"Uh, hello? Well if you haven't already noticed the cute little raptor staring at you on your desk then better look again, because he would just love to snuggle up against you while you work. Oh, and, uh we cannot verify at night if he is animatronic or real flesh and blood." Phone guy Night Zero.

Early History

Back during the days of the Fazbear Diner, Mr. Fazbear's first child was born and died in the same day. A little animatronic raptor was to be its first stuffed animal and it was soon inhabited by the soul of the newborn. Over the course of 20 years The animatronic only aged in personality by two and due to mysterious magic circumstance it is left unknown if it's an animatronic anymore and rather real flesh and blood.

By 1993 it affirmed it was flesh and blood and had begun to grow. In both intelligence and physical size. Its voice box was simple being able to only produces squeaks and purrs like an original, but since becoming flesh has begun to produce human speech and raptor roars.

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