"Hello? H-Hello? Hey! Congrats on making it to Night 3! Uh, you might of noticed we added a new animatronic to the building; That wasn't the best of ideas. Especially her personality.. Yeah. Uh.. *Ahem* Well, if you actually want to know more, she.... Has an insane personality, if you can even call it that. Not a good idea to mix her with sword fighting. A new idea, I guess. Not a good one, at all. Uh, well, she doesn't seem like she could do that much damage! Just keep doing what you're doing, and uh, g'night!"

Basic details

Willow Wolf is a grey wolf animatronic, with her fingers and toes white.

She also activates on night 3 and is extremely aggressive to a point that she will attempt to force the door open,the only way to stop her is to hold the door closed and use the lock.

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