"I never should've got this job but it is for my bills…" ~Willa Hardy

Full Name: Willa Loren Hardy

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Occupation: Night Guard

Birthday: March 9th

Race: African American


Willa is an African American woman with brown eyes but she lost her left eye due to Bonnie, so she has bandages around where her eye used to be. She has her hair in dreadlocks and her hair color is dark brown.


Willa is an independent person, though she is shy. She is loyal and will never leave anyone behind. But has a bit of a temper. Willa acts mature and can get scared easily. She finds the animatronics very creepy, though she doesn't find Freddy that creepy since he was her favorite.

As a Night Guard

Willa couldn't pay her bills with her current job so she got her job at Freddy Fazbear's. She learned about the history of the pizzeria but still stayed at her job. On her 3rd Night she nearly got killed by Bonnie,she escaped but lost her eye. After a year of working there she got killed by Freddy and stuffed in a Siberian Husky suit.

Appearance [Animatronic, FNaF 1]

In her animatronic state, she is a black Siberian Husky with a white underbelly and muzzle. And her eyes are neon blue.

Personality [Animatronic]

Her personality is the same but she is a bit aggressive and serious

Appearance [Animatronic, FNAF 3]

Willa looks the same but her fur is tattered and has a torn up look. Her left ear is missing,she has rip over has chest area, a large rip in her stomach area,and her eye color is still neon blue.

After the Fire

She did survive the fire and is sold at the auction. She was sold to the previous owner of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza grandson. Apparently the pizzeria is being rebuilt, though she isn't being used. Before Purple Mans death, he killed five more children and didn't hide their bodies, so since the pizzeria is being rebuilt that means they are now possessing the new animatronics. She is now in the back room of the new pizzeria along with Springtrap. She or Springtrap doesn't have burnt marks.

Relationship with Springtrap

She hates Springtrap for what he did to the children. And for another reason Springtrap is cruel to her. If she doesn't follow her orders he gives her, he will hurt badly. Due to him hurting her it's the reason why her fur is tattered and torn up.

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