(this is my twist on FNAF 3)

OK we all know the pizzeria shut down, but what if it did not and it stayed open due to a person buying it and repaired all the animatronics

well this would happen

Chica would be on stage while Toy Chica served food to customers

Freddy would be standing next to chica on stage being lead singer (not singing the same songs they used to in FNAF 1) while Toy Freddy would stand at the door and greet the people

Bonnie would be next to Freddy on the left playing his guitar and Toy Bonnie would stand in the brand new arcade being sure the children were safe

Foxy and Mangle also would be repaired and would stand in kids cove together

now i know you are thinking do they still kill you well yes they were repaired not set free

they will only attack you if you harm a child oh and at night you can walk around just try to avoid them or you will join the group as an animatronic also

(this is just my idea of what would happen if the pizzeria never closed and the animatronics were all repaired now i did not add golden freddy and springtrap because i don't know were i can put them please give me some ideas on were i can put them if they were repaired )

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