WaU Bonnie is a variation of Bonnie that came about during 2103 when the Warden Unit tried to resurrect people through the animatronics.


WaU Bonnie appears to be the normal Bonnie, but his guitar is fused to his back by growths and cannot be moved. His mouth is permanently fused shut by small growths growing on his teeth, causing him to be unable to move it. He can still talk though. One of his ears is missing, as well as one of his hands. Structure Gel pours out of the stump of his missing hand.


A day before January 12th, 2103, what was left of Fazbear Entertainment snuck their animatronics along with other animatronics from other companies into PATHOS-II undetected. On March 9th, 2103, the WAU's influence reached the animatronics, causing them to activate. In this timeline, Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica are the reasons why things went to hell at Upsilon. After being activated by the WaU, Bonnie managed to stay hidden to the two people still there. At one point, Bonnie managed to sneak up behind and kill Carl Semken via brutalization. He later chased and was incapacitated by Amy Azzaro, who escaped. He now wanders Upsilon, looking for a new victim.

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