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This is Vy Archur Gwelliv's information page.



As a child, Vy was disrespected and misunderstood most of the time. He would always get bullied, and he always talked to himself during recess at school. Vy was very suicidal at his young age, and he even received many death threats. Though, he didn't committ suicide because he thought it was bad. After finally attempting to socialize at school, he made a friend. Angel Schwartz, who later became Vy's girlfriend. But, she was killed by a gang the next five years of being together with Vy. Vy was deeply depressed about this, and his suicidal thoughts came back to him. Though, he fought through it. After brutally battling through high school and college, Vy made it in life.

Current Life

Vy is just a usual guy who likes to play video games and go on the internet. He lives in a big, neat home with his dog.


Vy works at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza as a security guard, and he likes his job whatsoever.

Basic information


Age: 35

Likes: Video games and the internet

Dislikes: Suicidal thoughts, jerks who think they're too cool and spazzers

Relationship: Single

Appearance: Brown fluffy hair, green eyes, and tan skin.

Species: Human


Vy is a serious person, who doesn't let something ridiculous in his way. He's only very serious and careful at work. Outside of his employment, he tends to joke around a lot and do the usual.


Vy is currently friend-less

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