"You don't know what I'm capable of..."

Nightmare spring bonnie by thelazyforever-d94oj8d

Who am I, you may ask? I have been an ancient force summoned by unknown forces, who I have no knowledge of, since my files were deleted... I have been sent into the future to protect night guards, children, and technicians from the demonic forces that have embedded themselves into these, "kid-friendly," animatronics. My creators, however, have been limited in supplies for creating me, which is why I look like this. Why am I called Vitreousbloom? Well, I have this special ability to make glass explode, but stay together, making it look like a glass spike-ball. Don't know why they added that, though. Who is that little thing on me? Well, that would be Lockbite, an animatronic I created from spare parts I found lying around. He helps me by crawling in vents to find out where the, "other," animatronics are. It seems like two particular animatronics have been tampered with by somebody who I don't know of. This being has added a program into Lockdown to kill me. My second closest ally, (Lockbite being my closest.), is Sam, although I have to regretfully fight him on the fourth night of each week. I would write more, but I have already said too much.

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