"Heh. You may ask why I kill... I kill because of my father. He was the one who killed Five children. I was devastated when he went missing. I decided to take his place of killing children. I killed ten kids, and I suffered like my dad did. I don't even know how to work the suit. But here I am… still killing..."

Vinny is the daughter of Vincent, or the Purple Man in other words. After his death, she took his place and became a killer and worker for Freddy Fazbear's.


Vinny is very strict when it comes to Night Guards or Children. She is kind sometimes but that is when she is in a good mood. Is secretive and will do anything in her path. Hates Mike Schmidt, Jeremy Fitzgerald, and almost any Night Guard that is at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. She is also rude to any employees.


Looks like her father having Purple hair and skin. Her hair is very long and reaches to her lower back. Her eyes are the same as her father's and usually wears purple all the time.


  • Stella Cawthon (Co-Manager of Freddy Fazbear's)
  • The Toy Animatronics


  • The Original Animatronics
  • Mike Schmidt
  • Jeremy Fitzgerald
  • All the Night Guards of Freddy Fazbear's

Small Bio

Name: Vinny

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Death: Same as her father's


  • Is afraid of needles
  • Also wears a Golden Freddy suit while killing
  • First killed at 12 years old

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