Your Withered Friend Freddy Fazbear

aka Frodi

  • I live in Frodiland
  • I was born on December 27
  • My occupation is being Frodi
  • I am SEXY
  • Your Withered Friend Freddy Fazbear

    If you're tired of people leaving n' shit, then it's not within your best interest to read this. So yeah, I'm going to try to keep this as short as possible. Leaving, blah blah blah, reasons being 1. Very little roleplays, or at least, very little good ones. 2. The excessive amount of censoring what people can say. "You can't say this because it makes one person not feel vewy guud, okee?" Boo fuckin' hoo. You can't say this, you can't do that, this is bad, that's bad, blah blah blah. Any replies to this post along the lines of "y u say dat dat bad 4 u 2 say u suk" will not be replied to as I'm leaving as soon as I finish typing this. I'll still be on my DA, the Fanfiction Hour, and possibly the Main Wiki. I'm probably not going to return bu…

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  • Your Withered Friend Freddy Fazbear

    So if you don't know, I dabble with did a thingy. Tell me in your honest opinion what you think, but remember, constructive criticism only. "This is shitty" or "You need to learn to actually use Paint.NET" is not constructive criticism. Also, there's a thingy if you brighten it up! ~Frodi

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