• Trevor Winchester

    Writted by Mike Schmidt

    Published by Trevor Winchester

    Now this is a story  all about my life screwed, turned a mess

    and I'd  like to eat some pizza while i'm sitted at this office chair, talking about my story

    I'll tell you how i became the  prince

    of a Pizzeria called Freddy Fazbears

    In [REDACTED] born and raised

    On this office chair Is where i spend most of my days

    Eating pizza, sleeping, Relaxin', all cool

    When couple of animatronics who were up  no good

    Started makin'  trouble on my neighborhood

    I started a little fight (dont tell me how)

    And my mom got scared and said:"You moving with your office chair and monitor to Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria!"

    I begged and pleaded her after day after day

    But she packed my  suitcase (dont tell me how my chair is in…

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  • Trevor Winchester

    Garry's Tactics

    October 27, 2014 by Trevor Winchester

    (Nothing of this is real, just fan fiction.)

    (If you don't know who Garry is, Go to This.)

    Tactic 1:Sprinting to attack

    When Garry is watched too much frequently, he will run to player, if player closes the door, Garry will bang on door two times.

    Sometimes waiting to player open the door...and kill him..

    Tactic 2:Staring at camera

    This tactic i forgot to put on my fan animatronic, but here is, if player stare at Garry for too long, the camera will be disabled and he will run to office.

    Tactic 3:Destroying  the door

    Garry is strong, sometimes even breaking the left metal door  to kill the player. Dont watch Backstage frequently!

    (I have to end this blog for now, hope you enjoyed my fan fiction!)

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