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    Sparky The Dog

    November 17, 2014 by Timidgoliath05niner

    NAME: Sparky

    CREATION DATE:1940's

    AGE: Early-Late 70's


    BIO: made as a war Bot that used What Is Known as a Flux Capacitator for a main source of energy. Created by the Nazis, he fought in multiple battles along side some of the most evially geinus war lover around. His Flux Capacitator Stolen by Foxy The Pirate in the battle of Stalingrad, he was captured alongside over 500 German soldiers and brought back to Russia. He escaped and fled to America where to this day plots his revenge against his greastest enemy, Foxy.

    ABILITIES: even though his Capacitator has beeen stolen over 50-60 years ago, he still retains power from it wireslly and gains energy for him to repair himself, power Rockets in his feet, and, If he gets enough energy,…

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