I ain't feeling the best. I feel worthless and unloved, even though I know I have friends that value my company. I also feel just bored and dissatisfied with life. I'm trying to stay strong. I'm doing everything that I feel keeps me happy but I think the closest I can get is talking to others. I'm starting to get a congested feeling in my chest very often–much more often than before. I recently read a dA blog that was very rude regarding stolen art, and I was about to write an argument but I realized it would be best if I didn't; it's difficult for me to keep my thoughts in. I'm frustrated with some things that have been happening on this wiki. I'm not happy with some of our moderation. I'm tired of bullshit arguments on chat. I know I need to jump in and stop them but I have no idea what to say. I feel like I'm bitching more.

I'm basically putting more unnecessary stress on myself.

In other words, I might take a break from the wiki soon. I may get on chat less often, or I might try to stay away from it altogether. I will most likely be ignoring requests for coloured text in chat, profile music, or tags. I request that mods start joke kicking in much lower frequencies and that everyone remain positive.

Danny can agree.


Edit: I'll be demoting myself from admin to make sure I take the time to stay away. I'll still be bureaucrat, so don't worry; I can re-promote myself when the time comes.

I think I'll be coming back now. I've gotten over it much faster than I expected. (I would have edited this last night but it wouldn't load. :V)

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