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    I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but I was missing from just about everything since the 20th.
    If you have my Skype, you'd have noticed I changed my mood to "...But you say you see straight through me, don't you?"
    I was basically sick of some shit, so I prompted myself to take a break. It was first to last three days, but I couldn't stand how bored I felt, and if I went back on Skype I had to return to everything else; the same way with Wikia. The first day was very difficult, but here I am now.

    I left for a multitude of reasons:

    • some IRL problems (most of them being very personal or too much je-ech information which is why I'm not stating them all exactly),
    • again, the Skype mood, which I will leave to you all to figure out,
    • some ranting w…

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    >joining the bandwagon once again.

    I've never been diagnosed by a professional for any of the things like anxiety, so I'm not gonna just burst out and say that I actually HAVE them. Besides that, I'm too scared to go see anyone.

    First things first, mental things:

    • I often get triggered by the smallest of things.
      • This might include my heart rate accelerating, getting incredibly angry or depressed for no apparent reason, feeling like I need to go throw up, all of that lovely stuff.
    • Anger.
      • I can't really control it. Like I said in the previous statement, I'll get really angry at the smallest of things.
    • Depression (?)
      • I've been feeling pretty decent for the past week or so. Now, it's all coming back. Suicidal thoughts, fears, bleh.
    • Distractions
      • I get dis…

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    huh sigs?

    June 5, 2015 by TheAquuaHybrid

    I saw people are taking sig requests.

    i wish to join this lovely bandwagon

    In all seriousness, though, I will take sig requests. I would prefer to have them in the greatest detail possible, e.g.: shape of the border, colour of the border, border style (inset, outset, etc.), colour of the background, font family, text shadow/no shadow, box shadow/no shadow, shadow colour, font colour, font size, and most importantly, what links will be there and what they will display as.

    I do not mind receiving a chance to practice my coding.

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    May 31, 2015 by TheAquuaHybrid


    I ain't feeling the best. I feel worthless and unloved, even though I know I have friends that value my company. I also feel just bored and dissatisfied with life. I'm trying to stay strong. I'm doing everything that I feel keeps me happy but I think the closest I can get is talking to others. I'm starting to get a congested feeling in my chest very often–much more often than before. I recently read a dA blog that was very rude regarding stolen art, and I was about to write an argument but I realized it would be best if I didn't; it's difficult for me to keep my thoughts in. I'm frustrated with some things that have been happening on this wiki. I'm not happy with some of our moderation. I'm tired of bullshit arguments on chat. I know I …

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    I've been looking around on the wiki and noticed that many people have been asking how to create their own fan character/ here's my guide.

    1. Notice that 'Contribute' button at the top of every page to the right of the wiki navigation? Click on that, then on the drop-down menu, click the add a page option.

    2. Once that's done, a screen should pop up showing the soon-to-be page name (click and type in that text box to add it), then click "Add Page". You should be good to start writing after you've got that down.

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