So from what I know, the guy that killed those kids or whatever is dead, the kids should be free or something. But despite all of that, there's still ALOT to be discovered...especially how we found out there was more than one kid in each suit.
— Phone Guy in Freddy's:Reborn

Freddys:Reborn is sorta and alternate twisted storyline happening after FNaF3. I honestly don't know when it will be coming but my estimation is April or May of this year. It will be ALOT easier to work on than the fanamade FNaF4, considering all the textures and stuff will be made in GMod and will be avaliable (not for purchase) as either a mod or it will be a whole new game (we're not sure yet).


Years after Fazbears Fright had been burned down, a new company had split into teams of four to take looks at other old locations. One location found animatronics that were built and never used (wink to the fanmade FNaF4 :D), another found an abandoned location but everything was gone and there was literally nothing left there, the third found one Foxy animatronic, and the last team was very lucky.

The last team found a bunch of animatronics, though they were dismantled, they could bring them to use them again.

Now lets see...what can we use?


Active anuimatronics:






Toy Fredonnica (hybrid of Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, and Toy Chica)

Hallucionation/Inactive animatronics:

Golden Freddy


Ballon Boy


Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Band

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