Title says all bros, every friday at 9:30 or 10 PM (eastern standard time, so 6:30 or 7 on california or something) I will be making GMOD PARTIES!!! However, im not professional at hosting servers, so heres how im HOPING you can get on.

I have a fanpage for FNAF3 on steam, just type in not sure if thats it though, but ill be on the chatrrom at the time! Go on if your interested! I'll get on gmod and start a server, just hit 'click here to join' there will be NO limits! There will be rules though.

If you wanna get on easier or something, get on GMod, go in sandbox multiplayer maps and look for 'Casperly|gmodparty|sandbox'

Maps: first map will be gm_construct. But after that once there's enough votes and everyone is tired of the current map you can vote between the following:

freddys (FNAF map)

gm_construct_v6 (the one with the trains) 




gm_construct_canal (I think thats it?)

fnaf2noevents (I can get gamesaves WITH events though)


I'll get a couple other maps before we start too, im open to requested maps also.

Time: I just said, 9:30 or 10 PM EST

Player number: my limit is always 32

how will I know im on the right server?: my playermodel is always Bonnie or Rainbow Dash

Rules?: Rules:

1. ...that talk is allowed, but no EXTREME NSFW, like sprays, innapropriate paints, etc.

2. Noclip will be enabled, but killing in noclip is not allowed unless the other person is in noclip too.

3. Godmode will be enabled aswell, but NO.KILLING.IN.GODMODE.

4. On the freddys map, with noclip enabled you can get to the admin room, but I will kick you out ( kill you) and disable noclip for you if you spam the animatronic movement buttons.

5. No prop pushing, but dont bitch if a car runs into it by accident

6. No mic or chat spam

7. Swearing is allowed, but no EXTREME words (like the N word, you know what I mean. But fuck is allowed)

8. Have fun

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