• I live in Texas
  • I was born on February 15
  • My occupation is Singer,dancer,writer,comic book maker,make costumes.
  • I am Female
  • Scaryreader12

    Should I make a FNAF fan game? Cause I feel like making it.Though it might be hard and might take a long time.And I know the WHOLE story of my fan game and will not be spoiling it.And you can ask some questions about my fan game if you want.Ok I gotta go and I'll see you in the next blog post.Buh-bye!! -waves with Markiplier-

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  • Scaryreader12

    Smile The Werewolf Clown

    "They used to walk around during the day..until it was The Death of the Four Kids..."-Mark the Phone Guy

    Backstory:Smile the Werewolf Clown and his friends used to walk around during the day until the Death of the Four Kids that causes the restaurant to shut down forever...and the suits were never used again..and people still wonders who actually cause the Death of the Four Kids..

    Height:5'9 Appears as:A hallucination when in office. Powers:Gives you hallucinations. Is he possessed? Yes Does he kill you? I cannot answer that question ;)

    Okay that's it for Smile the Werewolf Clown.Thanks for reading :D [Category:Fan Characters]

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  • Scaryreader12

    Q&A Ask me anything!

    August 13, 2015 by Scaryreader12

    Hey everyone and welcome to my first Q&A! Ask me anything about myself and about FNAF.I might not answer one of your questions as of being busy.So start asking your questions today!

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  • Scaryreader12

    Name:Ice The Wolf





    Weight:119 lbs

    Eye Color:Light blue

    Hair Colour:Doesn't have any hair XD

    Description A light blue wolf with light blue crystal eyes that holds a microphone.

    Origins Ice used to be a normal animatronic until The Death of The Four Kids came and now he is possessed and is ready to kill some night guards. >:)

    Strengths Teleport,makes scary noises,and his normal teeth turns to sharp teeth

    Weakness Pepperspray and cats.

    Power Supply Electronic power. o3o

    Relationships Single

    Trivia Ice The Wolf will come at your left and right door at any time. Ice The Wolf actually talks in the Five Nights At Ice Wolf's Pizzeria trailer

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  • Scaryreader12

    Guys this wiki is made for FNAF's fans to chat and make friends not to make enemies and be rude to one another.If you have a problem please don't put it on someone else cause that might ruin their day.Please be nice to chat mods and admins as they're here to fix problems and stop people from spamming and other trolls.And sometimes their job is hard sometimes even though I'm not a chat admin I'm just saying follow the rules,don't be rude to other people and I'm sure we'll all get along.I just have to say it off of my chest.Thanks for reading this and I hope you have a nice day bye.

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