Hi guys its me RealBoy and you might be wondering, why would we take your art? Why would we even want to take your art?Who would do that?, Im not saying that Im mad (Im stressed) but please dont take my art without permition if you dont ask me at least give me credit for it, Im talking about hand-drawn art you can take art like this:

Dum dum dum dum dum

You can take this kind of art considering it does not have my signature

And Im taking about art that does not include my signature that signature is: the MLG gamer, if it says that on any part of the drawing please DO NOT TAKE IT

Now another question you have is the one of: Why would we use your art? Well heres the answer; to use it as your art. This has already happened, someone by the name of: ZenerRocksMC used my OC drawing as hers, she said that it was a drawing of Zener in her farewell dress, first of you might be thinking that she actually made it for me but look by who it was posted:


It's MY Character as you can see it says "Added by RealBoy the MLG gamer"

Now you might be saying that she send it to me, but I dont even know her! Now you are probably thinking that "You are just saying that cause you have something against her she didn't even take your art!" Want proof? Heres proof > go to "Drawings and idea pics" and the first image you see its mine, and she used it as hers and said: "Drawing of Zener in her farewell dress" A FAREWELL DRESS? A FAREWELL DRESS?!? First off, its a battle armor, second, At the top it says RealBoy and then my signature: the MLG gamer, third, if you click the pic it says "Added by RealBoy the MLG gamer" and also its heavily inspired by Spiderman and I am a huge fan of Spiderman

Pleas ask me first if you can use art that has my signature, and Im not mad Im just so stressed right now, so if you can understand, thank you. Bye guys see ya next blog!

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