Mike has been discovered by the ones with wings, that were on some kind of reunion.


Mike was taken to some kind of castle in the middle of the air.


Mike didn't know what to do next. They gave him some kind of armor with wings and a sword. (But he didn't know what the hell to do with it anyway) He didn't want to fight... He just wanted his home. But it seems that he's not getting it.

"An Army of Demons is heading to the Earth soon enough. We'll need you to guard any human from the Catastrophe, since it's yet not time for the Earth to be gone." A Archangel said.

"But how will I fight them? I don't even know how to use a sword!" Mike said.

"You will know how to use a sword when the fight gets near you. Now, GO!" The Archangel said.

It is time for Mike to be prepared, because the Demons are heading to the Earth soon enough, and, Mankind must ALSO be ready for the fight that will begin. Because it will change the world. Forever.

Mike then, headed to a plain terrain, away from the city and the civilization. He could hear thousands of steps heading towards that place. He wasn't ready at all. But he didn't have any choice but to fight the Demons.

He then, saw the Demons heading towards him, Mike held his sword strongly, and he was ready to fight.


Hey! I'm just here to warn everyone that is reading this, that if anyone wants to join the "story", You can say to me in the comments down here. I WILL find a role for you in the story.

Thanks for reading 'till here, bye!

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