Nightshift Watcher Mike Schmidt

aka Moik Schshit

  • I live in A place where happiness, MLG, and serious roleplays live together
  • I was born on January 8
  • My occupation is Doing random shit
  • I am Someone in this World willing for a roleplay (PLS ATTEND MY WISHES ;-;)
  • Nightshift Watcher Mike Schmidt

    Look, I don't want this to become drama. I'm just saying it, and done.

    I'll be leaving this chat.

    "But why"? I hear you typing.

    I'm done. I just can't take it. I joined the chat to make friends and roleplay with them. But it's becoming something that's bothering me instead of entertaining me.

    I'm clearly being ignored. Some people don't even care about me. But still, if you are one that still cares about me, enter in contact. I'll link you the place I'll be being.

    Stay good.

    "I really don't know the day I'll leave this chat..."

    -Mike, 2014.

    EDIT: Get all this shit off your head, I'm coming back, because I can't leave this chat. It's like my home. Even though I'm ignored sometimes, nowhere is perfect. And this chat is where I belong to, from now on…

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  • Nightshift Watcher Mike Schmidt

    I'm doing this for.... Uh.... Reasons, and citations.

    I need your answer.

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  • Nightshift Watcher Mike Schmidt


    September 6, 2015 by Nightshift Watcher Mike Schmidt
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  • Nightshift Watcher Mike Schmidt

    This plot may and probably WILL most likely be useless for anyone who reads it, but, I just need to say some shit, open myself.

    There weren't many spammers, almost none godmodders, it was a calm place to roleplay.

    I had really many good Roleplays there, and even one I got an entire chat against me, but that doesn't come to the case.

    When the FNaF Wiki grew, and many fans where there, I thought with myself "Wow, there are really many people here!". I expected myself to roleplay a bit better, with more people, the feeling that you're actually in a world is better, well, in my opinion.

    But I weren't right.

    The amounts of spammers grew, godmodders's numbers rised up a LOT. And the worst thing in my opinoin, were the random roleplays.

    Roleplays with p…

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  • Nightshift Watcher Mike Schmidt

    Mike has been discovered by the ones with wings, that were on some kind of reunion.

    Mike was taken to some kind of castle in the middle of the air.

    Mike didn't know what to do next. They gave him some kind of armor with wings and a sword. (But he didn't know what the hell to do with it anyway) He didn't want to fight... He just wanted his home. But it seems that he's not getting it.

    "An Army of Demons is heading to the Earth soon enough. We'll need you to guard any human from the Catastrophe, since it's yet not time for the Earth to be gone." A Archangel said.

    "But how will I fight them? I don't even know how to use a sword!" Mike said.

    "You will know how to use a sword when the fight gets near you. Now, GO!" The Archangel said.

    It is time for M…

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