Nick the Endoskeleton

aka Account Disabled

  • I live in The Milky Way galaxy.
  • My occupation is Gaming, Drawing.
  • I am Jesus. I'm also male. :^D
  • Nick the Endoskeleton

    I'm leaving and this time I probably won't be back. My mom started complaining about the profanity in chat and wants my password and everything now. 

    It's been a good 9 months (November to June) and I've met some amazing and awesome people. 

    This account will now be dead.

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  • Nick the Endoskeleton


    May 16, 2015 by Nick the Endoskeleton

    I'm not leaving because FNaF is getting boring. I love the series and have faith in Scott for a great 4th. Apparently there's a virus in my computer that's been here for a long time. Not a major virus, but probably an adware thing. Anyways, my parents are probably going to further restrict when I can use my computer and what I can use it for. It'd make no sense to keep me as a chat mod if I'm going to be inactive, might as well demote me now and give somebody else the rank. Thanks for giving me 7 months of fun and happiness (this is including the FNaF Wiki).


    UPDATE: I'm not leaving! The virus was found and deleted by Defender (Windows Defender actually doing something? wHAT). Anyways, I'm back, and I can take my rank as a chat mod agai…

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  • Nick the Endoskeleton

    I was only 9 years old. I loved Rainbow so much. I had all her drawings. Every night I would pray to Rainbow before bed, thanking her for the drawings I had been given. My dad hears me and calls me a stupid Rainbowist. I knew he was just jealous of my devotion to Rainbow. I call him a stupid anti-Rainbowist. He slaps me. I'm laying in bed, crying. My face hurts. I feel a warmth touch me...

    It's Rainbow.

    She whispers in my ear, "These are my drawings." She grabs me with her powerful artist hands and sits me in my desk chair. I'm ready. She uses up all my paper for drawings. It hurts so much but I do it for Rainbow. My dad walks in. Rainbow looks him straight in the eye and says, "It's all drawings now." Rainbow leaves through my window with m…

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  • Nick the Endoskeleton

    Hello! Today I've today to post some screenshots from my Minecraft world. Tell me if you want to see more!

    After punching a tree, I look around the landscape I'm in.

    It turns nighttime, and I begin building my house.

    The frame for the house is built.

    The sun rises.

    I progress even more on my house, giving it a roof.

    The finished house.

    Looking out from the balcony.

    The inside.

    Is that another player?

    Nope, it was a chicken with its entity tag.

    I got at least 2 iron ores from the session of mining.

    I wake up and find a zombie in my house.

    Oh hello, creeper.

    How am I supposed to get the coal?

    After building a pillar to get up there and mine it, I come back down and retrieve the coal.

    Some wolves.

    Tamed one.

    Looking at my house from the forest. Notice that I a…

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