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Banned From Chat
  • I was born on July 10
  • MarieBilly Archimedes Shears


    January 28, 2016 by MarieBilly Archimedes Shears

    Why did it all fall apart in my hands?

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  • MarieBilly Archimedes Shears

    You're probably bloody shocked just by the title. Most of you know how much I hate to apologize. If it wasn't easy to tell, I was under a lot of stress the past couple of days. And while that's still no excuse, I was being an asshole. I've recently been getting in more and more fights with my friends and not long ago, I stopped and asked myself "What am I doing?" And the answer I gave myself was "You're acting like an idiot." I want to say sorry to Synth, Kosh, Tyler, the mods and anyone else I may have hurt or offended. I've been trying to pull things back together, to not much avail... I'm hoping I can rejoin you again (999 years and four months IS a bit extreme for being upset) so I can see my dear friends again. Otherwise, there probab…

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  • MarieBilly Archimedes Shears


    November 15, 2015 by MarieBilly Archimedes Shears

    Anyone have any idea why the hell I'm banned for spam? I don't recall spamming and chat and I've noticed a certain mod, not gonna say a name, has been giving a rash of unfair bans lately. If I could get a damn explanation, it'd be brilliant.


    P.S. I wanna address this too. I heard about Paris. I'm angry. If it were in my power, I'd tear ISIS down completely. We've lost too many innocent lives. As a proud patriotic American, I will NOT stand for terrorism in any nation.

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  • MarieBilly Archimedes Shears

    I'm done with the drama.

    I'm done with the arguments.

    I'm done with the anger.

    I'm done with all of it.

    I thank all of you who have supported me. But the drama is too much. This wiki is a lost cause and most are afraid to admit it. You know who you are. Most of the mods and admins don't want to admit they failed. Me and Kosh are looking for a new chat. Do not give us suggestions, I don't want them. I've had nightmares about this chat. The stress is too much. Goodbye.

    With all due respect,

    --William James Shears

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  • MarieBilly Archimedes Shears

    Hi, guys. Billy Shears here. Just gonna update you guys a bit. My health is getting much, much better. Thank you all for your support. Now, just gonna try to make this quick. I came out to you guys as bi-gendered the other day and I'd like to thank you all for the support on that. I've only recently realized my own true identities myself. Now, just gonna throw this here now because I'm so damn nervous about it... I'm a furry. Right. Not anything sexual, I just have an appreciation for anthro art and I myself am an anthro artist. Too late to head back now, Billy boy, just keep typing... Anyway, that's it for this post... I'll try to write more later... Bye, guys!

    --Billy James Shears

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