Lewis the Cute Pirate Fox

aka Lewis Chapman, Foxy fanboy X3

  • I live in In Pirate's Cove
  • I was born on April 29
  • My occupation is being a chubby cute fox
  • I am not fat, just really fluffy
  • Lewis the Cute Pirate Fox

    I reset chrome and it loaded

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  • Lewis the Cute Pirate Fox


    October 4, 2015 by Lewis the Cute Pirate Fox

    You can all tell what happened between me and Courtney, as most of yo ugot info from Zombeh or me

    but... im happy


    an old ship rises, one that got fucked over since july, or august, idk which, anyway its comimg back, from the depths of the lake

    You can guess who it is already ;3

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  • Lewis the Cute Pirate Fox

    her mother is confiscating her laptop for a year, aki said she didn't know why her mother is takin it away,

    aki wanted me to do this blog for her, she's gone for a year now, and she will be missed, lets not forget her when she comes back

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  • Lewis the Cute Pirate Fox

    well, since Zoey's mum is making me and her break up, theres 2 things i can do now

    either leave chat and have a talk with tyler for a week till i come back and removing bae from pings or not leaving chat and talking with tyler and more helpful friends and removing bae from pings or leave wikia in general

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  • Lewis the Cute Pirate Fox

    3 day leave

    Vent below 

    Zipnax i hope fucking happy you troll, yes i know you are one, you've been doing nothing but annoying me and zoey, and posting a comment saying "every loser that leaves" on my blog. idc what you put on my blogs anymore, i can and will use it against you to the admins, so watch what you type from here on out, and beware what you say in chat, zoey will link me if you harass her, like you did about her gender and I will do what i can to defend her.

    Vent over

    I will check on chat time to time

    -Lewis Chapman

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