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  • I live in the Crossroads of America.
  • I was born on July 2
  • My occupation is to breathe.
  • I am getting my money for nothing and chicks for free.
  • Jillips Entertainment

    In light of recent relationships that have been taking off recently, I got to thinking...and came up with a question for anyone that's in or has been in a relationship, or just someone that has a crush on someone else.

    That question is...what attracts you to the one you love?

    We all are attracted to a person and have feelings towards them for a reason, but I ask, what are those reasons for the person you're with, used to be with, or want to be with? (If you have a crush on someone, you don't have to say who it is.)

    That's all I have to ask. Jillips out.

    Edit: While it is good to hear what you want to see in someone, I'm basically asking you folks what attracts you to the person you're dating, dated, or want to date. What you see in the person …

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  • Jillips Entertainment

    Heya folks. I thought that I'd go ahead and let you all ask some questions to me, state your grievances about me, or just give me a compliment. Then again, compliments are expected, because...well, I'm that amazing.

    So ask away!

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  • Jillips Entertainment

    I was with Rainbowsmash34 for a total of two months, one week, and four days. After some arguments, she decided to permanently let me go.

    On Monday, a similar situation happened, though she came back the next day. I was sad about the situation on Monday, but after yesterday, I've been looking at the big picture, and realized that I'm free! I'm single and happy, folks! Whoo!

    Here's a picture made by my friend DMBY for the occasion.

    I posted it to her message wall, but she closed it immediately.

    Lexi, I still wanna be friends with you, despite the fact that we're no longer together. I want to be a good friend to people. It's what I aim to do, no matter what.

    If this is counted as harassment, I swear to God.

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  • Jillips Entertainment

    Knowing that I'm the one responsible for Baconnie, there's bound to be other bacon based animatronics to come. Today, in the chat, Endo and I claimed who would belon to who.

    I have claimed: Baconnie, Bacon Chica, Bacon Foxy, the Bacon Toys, Fazbacon Entertainment, Freddy Fazbacon's Bacon, and the Bacon Nightmares.

    Endo has claimed: FredBacon, Bacontrap, and the Bacon Phantoms.

    DMBY has claimed: Freddy FazBacon.

    Don't steal these from us. They're ours.

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