I am quiting the wiki :'(


1: People drive me CRAZY trying to be all ruff and tuff saying they can do whatever they want.

2: Dieing all the fricking time, people expect me to die EVERY RP I PLAY and they complain cause I am trying to avoid it like what the heck?

3: People do not give a crap about anyone, I sit here RPing playing fair not god moding and people are like JACOB WHAT THE FRICK ARE YOU DOING STOP DOING THIS STOP DOING THAT OR STOP RPING!!!!!

4: People drive me crazy about dodging, in RP's people seem to dodge every single move and my character is getting damaged as heck and me saying I am bleeding I am dieing and there guy is FINE!!!!

5: Poeple make me get angry by fighting with me (not RPing)

Well there are my reasons and I will get on for maybe 5-10 mins if I am having fun maybe even an hour but that might be rare.

Btw this stuff havent only happened on this wiki also the other fnaf wikis I play on.

Well bye guys see you all in the future when people play fair and stop complaining.


UPDATE: EVERYONE!!!! I am not actually quiting the wiki! It was all just a joke and yes it was from some dumb bet from my older brother saying if I did I would get an Xbox ONE well yes I got my console but I do want to say I am sorry to anyone who believed this but yes it was a joke and I shouldnt have choosen and Xbox ONE over friends but whatever...

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