Told from the perspective of Hisstronic '2.0'

I sat, alone, in the darkness of Pirate's Cove. Foxy, though I was sure he was there somewhere, was nowhere to be seen. I was hidden, out of sight, Pyro was gone, and Foxy was abandoned.

Suddenly I heard a buzzing sound, and a red recording light came on on the camera. My head shot up.

"Foxy?" I whispered when it had gone.

There was no reply.

The light came on again.

I heard the curtains rustle as Foxy peeked out to look at the camera.

"What is it?" I whispered. He gestured for me to be quiet so he could have a closer look.

As the light came on again, he was halfway out of the curtain to investigate. "It must be coming from the office," he whispered. "I'll go and investigate."

He left the curtains open, and so I changed the sign to say 'ITS ME' as our inside joke.

I heard the pad of his feet as he jogged down the hallway.

Suddenly I heard his animatronic scream. His voice box must have malfunctioned!

I went down the hallway cautiously to find him, and saw blood everywhere.

Foxy was crouched down with a suit.

"Foxy..." I whispered. "What have you done?"

Foxy looked up at me guiltily. "He... he was an animatronic out of a suit... I think..."

I gingerly lifted the head and gasped.

"Foxy..." I said with dread.

"Y-yes?" he asked nervously.

"That... that was a human."

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