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  • I live in Somewhere, but right now I'm behind you
  • I was born on April 26
  • My occupation is Gamer/Layout Guy of Awesomeness and Grammar-Fixing
  • I am Animatronic
  • Hissthecreeper

    so I can feel popular, please ask me questions


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  • Hissthecreeper

    Told from the perspective of Hisstronic '2.0'

    We were left to watch as our old home was destroyed and replaced, and us animatronics too.

    Foxy went mad with guilt and sadness, as did the other animatronics.

    Somehow Pyro haunted the Parts and Service room.

    I vowed to help the next unfortunate security guards.

    And that is the end of my story.

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  • Hissthecreeper

    From the perspective of Hisstronic '2.0'

    He took the suit to Backstage guiltily. Then we trudged back to Pirate's Cove, apologised to the cameras and sat in silence.

    The next night we heard buzzing again.

    But this time it was louder.

    Only Bonnie had activated; Chica and Freddy stood still and lifeless.

    Suddenly the wall to Backstage collapsed, and we could see a bulldozer looming big in the dark.

    I turned urgently to Foxy. "I know it's... not very nice... but can we save the Pizzeria?"

    Foxy sighed, nodded slightly and ran to the bulldozer, switching it off and dragging the driver out. He screamed as Foxy's hook lightly scratched his skin, but Foxy merely dumped him in a dumpster and drove the bulldozer into the river, jumping out at the last seco…

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  • Hissthecreeper

    Told from the perspective of Hisstronic '2.0'

    I sat, alone, in the darkness of Pirate's Cove. Foxy, though I was sure he was there somewhere, was nowhere to be seen. I was hidden, out of sight, Pyro was gone, and Foxy was abandoned.

    Suddenly I heard a buzzing sound, and a red recording light came on on the camera. My head shot up.

    "Foxy?" I whispered when it had gone.

    There was no reply.

    The light came on again.

    I heard the curtains rustle as Foxy peeked out to look at the camera.

    "What is it?" I whispered. He gestured for me to be quiet so he could have a closer look.

    As the light came on again, he was halfway out of the curtain to investigate. "It must be coming from the office," he whispered. "I'll go and investigate."

    He left the curtains open,…

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  • Hissthecreeper

    From the perspective of Hisstronic '2.0'

    Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria seems a great place to be. Or, at least, it did.

    Every day I'd scuttle around, not wanting to be seen, because I might scare the children. I wasn't in any way a mainimatronic; Chica, Freddy and Bonnie ruled the show. Over at Pirate's Cove, Foxy and Pyro would play with the kids.

    All that changed one day when the Management humans decided to get rid of me, because I was too scary.

    But they couldn't find me.

    Foxy had taught me how to crawl on the ceiling and hide well. He's an expert at that kind of thing. I wonder when he had to use that skill, or if he ever did. Maybe he learnt it just in case.

    They kept trying and eventually gave up. So I stayed, out of sight, in the room with P…

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