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  • My occupation is stealing souls
  • I am a trans guy
  • GforGolden

    Hello everyone, I am GforGolden aka NepetaSauce aka another Leafy Clone. I was discussing about making a YouTube channel similar to Leafy with others so I decided to make a guide on how to make your Leafy clone channel and bring it to success!

    First, you should think of a good name. "LeafyIsHere" and "Pyrocynical" are the names of two popular commentary channels. You could use a name relating to something you like, something you do, etc. As you can tell from the introduction, my name is "NepetaSauce". Well, I used that name because I love Nepeta Leijon and sauce is juicy just like my ego. DON'T BE EDGY AS FUCK WHEN DECIDING A NAME.

    Second, choose a cool icon. When it comes to profile pictures, you should try to get one that's appealing to y…

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  • GforGolden

    A mother can be a fighter. In fact, there is a war going on between mothers all around the world. They call it "Mortal Mombat". Two people have created the universe of MM, and they've become the new filthy richest from their games. Mortal Mombat seems to be the game they made the most money out of, whether it'd be the addition of new stages or moms, America went completely broke for it. An employee of Valve removed the game twice already, but now the company was destroyed and the website being taken down by the government when one of the developers of MM, Krystal, spoke to them.

    With all of the new mothers being added to Mortal Mombat, the war is never-ending. The players are the cause of this massive war in-game. So many online matches hav…

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  • GforGolden


    January 23, 2016 by GforGolden

    Hey, I haven't made a blog in a long time. Well, here's a new one for you all.

    As the title states, this is an update. On me, mostly. If you were ever on the chat recently, you might have caught a glimpse of me acting strange/sadistic. You might have also seen me as "attention seeking" a bit aswell. The reason why, is because I'm dealing with alot of family problems. My mom and brother are always saying negative things about me and also make fun of me. That then leads to depression, which I have most of the time.

    My depression will completely change my mood and the way I type and act on the chat. I will start typing with no punctuation or capitalization, and I'll start referencing killing and stuff like that. For example "ugh, does somebody…

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  • GforGolden

    Disgusted Tails

    January 2, 2016 by GforGolden

    Hello, I am the most disgusted person on earth, Disgusted Tails. Full name is Miles "Disgusted" Tails Prower. I am disgusted by everything and everyone. I'm disgusted by the way this wiki looks. I'm disgusted by what this wiki is about...

    I'm disgusted at the fact you're reading this blog! I'M ALSO DISGUSTED BY THE FACT THAT YOU'RE GOING TO COMMENT ON THIS!

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  • GforGolden

    Storytime - Hello

    December 31, 2015 by GforGolden


    She's a singer. Not just a singer, but a spawn of Satan. How come? You may ask. She's done more than just make "music". Adele has kidnapped people and tortured her victims by playing her hit song "Hello". Survivors have described the experience as "going straight to hell".

    There has been proof of these statements to be true. Adele installed cameras that would record everything that went on, and she'd put up videos of every torture session she had onto her secret backup channel on YouTube. Nobody knows how Google hasn't done a thing about the torture videos. You'd expect them to be deleted a few hours after being posted, but in this situation, these torture videos went by!

    For the sake of people's safety, I won't describe the pain the v…

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