Foxy Oh foxy the pirate

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  • I was born on July 17
  • My occupation is Being Your Broom
  • I am A Girl
  • Foxy Oh foxy the pirate

    This joke is starting to piss me off. I don't like it at all and I also get Pinged It was Funny at First but Now It's annoying

    It help me if you didn't try to make it Around me

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  • Foxy Oh foxy the pirate

    Hello I am Here To Teach You how To RP The Moist Way

    Step 1. Join a Random RP

    Step 2. Start By throwing Sammichs At People

    Step 3. Make Moist Sammichs and Throw Them

    Step 4. Leave RP

    I hope this helps you With RPing

    (This is a Joke)

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  • Foxy Oh foxy the pirate

    I Am Gonna leave this Wiki Due To the State this wiki has turned into

    If you need me Contact On This Wiki

    GoodBye all 

    Update: I Will Be Coming into chat time to time. But not Commonly

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  • Foxy Oh foxy the pirate

    The Mysterious Droid was DroidUnit774

    "Back off her"

    Foxy OH and Droid Fighted Purple Girl and Zoey. Foxy Oh And Droid won

    "Thanks" Said Foxy Oh

    "NP" Said Droid

    Foxy Oh Continued her adventure With Droid

    But Dan Had beaten Pootis

    "She's walking off Lord"

    "Kill her before she Gets that crown

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  • Foxy Oh foxy the pirate

    The Purple FIGURE was Purple Girl

    "Someone sent me to kill you" Said Purple girl

    "Why does Everyone wanna kill me"

    Suddenly Zoey Floated in the air and Stared laughing

    "You shouldn't have trusted me" Said zoey zoey

    Purple girl and Zoey Teamed up On Foxy Oh

    Foxy Oh Lost

    "It's time to die" Said Purple Girl

    Suddenly a Droid Looking Thing appeared

    "Leave her alone" He said

    Till next Chapter

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