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  • Enderspring

    I can't seem to find any roleplays that are active, has roleplaying on this wiki gone down the drain? Is it not here anymore?

    Like, cmon, this wiki even has "Roleplay" in its name, what happened to the roleplays? I know there was some.

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  • Enderspring


    July 5, 2015 by Enderspring

    So this wiki has grown a lot, I can tell ya that.

    The reason I first got on here was because my friend got banned for being a pervert.

    and now we aren't friends anymore, and he's also doing things that no one would like to see, even if they are very mature.

    I made an OC here, and at the time, I was definitely not the user I am today.

    This is probably a pointless blog post, but it creeps me out how much this evolved, eventually, the FNAF wiki is gonna be down the drain, and this wiki will replace it..

    So yea.

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  • Enderspring

    Hello, this is my first blog post on this wiki, I just created a fan animatronic and i dunno how to add him to the fan animatronics page, could someone help?

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