• Dremora Stormcloak


    SamanthaLovesPie110 (Palutena) and AyanoTheYandere (Toon Link)


    Dan Uzumaki (Dark Pit) and GforGolden (Pit)


    Dremora Stormcloak (Greninja, Shiny skin) and Springy Boy (Sonic)


    Erron Black The Gunslinger (Lucina) and Aki (Rosalina & Luma)

    2 players on each team. I will host this clash on Christmas when I get my Wii U.

    Here's the character roster.

    Just right click the image and click Open inage in new tab to see the full thing.

    If you want to join, comment below while specifying what team and character you want me to make you.

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  • Dremora Stormcloak

    Picture is done

    November 19, 2015 by Dremora Stormcloak

    Bonnie is Jillips, Marionette is Viktor, PN Mickey is the same user on here, Toy Bonnie is Gfor, Plushtrap is Eve, Conker is Tyler, N.Fredbear is GJ, N.Chica is GJ's girlfriend and Heavy is Dalokohs. I decided to leave myself out, cuz.


    Also, right click on the image and click Open image in new tab to see the full image.

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  • Dremora Stormcloak

    It's going on dA and all.

    This is everyone who's in it:

    Dalokohs: Red Team Heavy

    Jillips: Bonnie

    Gfor: Toy Bonnie

    Eve: Plushtrap

    GJ: Nightmare Fredbear

    GJ's girlfriend: Nightmare Chica

    And, of course, me as myself. Hue.

    Comment if you want to be in. I'll start work on it in about, 5 hours, so be sure to get in while you can!

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  • Dremora Stormcloak

    It's been 3 days and it's getting boring. I might come back later on (maybe 1-3 hours) but that's not a definite. So yea.

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  • Dremora Stormcloak

    Okay, so stuff happened last night, which angered me to the point of taking a break. This break will be a week or 2 long. Note that this time, I AM taking a break. No coming back till it's over. But I'm gonna be on my old chat (GHAB'S Roleplaying) untill the break is over. If you come on, and see I'm AFK, throw me a ping. I'll return from AFKland. 

    Alright, I'm gone. See you all when the break is over.

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