Hello! Drawkill Freddy here! I wanted you to meet the others here! These are just the original designs (available for Source Film Maker) , but have been downgraded so they don't have any weapons built in.

Please note that none of these animatronics are mine! I have a link to the original creator on my profile page!!

Bonnie:  Sure he has huge hands but not to worry!  They just help him play guitar better!!

Drawkill bonnie

Drawkill's Bonnie. He doesn't do anything OP with the Hulk-like hands on this wiki.

Chica:  One of the pizza-cutters of the group! And, no, by "pizza" I do not mean "children". The skeleton-resembling wings are just for cutting pizza. And, while humans are present, the wings are covered so nothing... bad ... happens.

Drawkill chica

The wings are too dull to slice anything put pizza. She's not OP to anything but pizza.

Foxy: The other pizza-cutter of the group! It has special sensors, which tells him to put it away when it's too close to a child. The company has modified him so his hook is now handheld. This way, he can remove it without having to scare the children.

Drawkill foxy

Don't mind the hook. Like Chica, it's just for cutting pizza! He knows if it's too close to children and when to put it away, so no worries!

Me, or Freddy: The original creator of my model had flamethrowers and spikes built into my arms, but I had the company remove those, since they were too deadly and I didn't like that too much. So me, in my curent form, I have no flamethrowers or spikes anymore. I just didn't want to give anyone nighmares, y'know?

Drawkill freddy fazbear

The original design for Drawkill Freddy.The spikes and flamethrowers have been removed for this wiki.

I hope those introductions cleared stuff out! See you tommorow! Or shall I say...tonight?