Drawkill Freddy here!

aka Drawkill Freddy

  • I live in Freddy's Survival Course
  • My occupation is Animatronic Killer Bear
  • I am Male
  • Drawkill Freddy here!

    Hello! Drawkill Freddy here! I wanted you to meet the others here! These are just the original designs (available for Source Film Maker) , but have been downgraded so they don't have any weapons built in.

    Please note that none of these animatronics are mine! I have a link to the original creator on my profile page!!

    Bonnie:  Sure he has huge hands but not to worry!  They just help him play guitar better!!

    Chica:  One of the pizza-cutters of the group! And, no, by "pizza" I do not mean "children". The skeleton-resembling wings are just for cutting pizza. And, while humans are present, the wings are covered so nothing... bad ... happens.

    Foxy: The other pizza-cutter of the group! It has special sensors, which tells him to put it away when it's to…

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