Name:Danto the Dog


Personality:Friendly towards Kids, Night Watchmen, Some adults. Brave, will stand up to other animatronics.Smart. He is like a Puppy. Very Athletic, able to jump between houses and land on the roofs.

Likes:Kids, Night watchmen, old versions of all animatronics, Toy Chica, The puppet,Toy bonnie, Lights, Playing, Mangle. New Friends to play with.

Dislikes: Golden Freddy, Phone guy/ Purple Man, silence, Being Alone, Darkness. BB

Appearance: Slightly smaller than Freddy, Brown, Black Spots, Nearly the same Head shape as Bonnie. Bonnies Ears but bent

Back Story: Being Made a Couple Months back, Danto is slightly Naive, but looks up to Jeremy for coming back everynight and having a chill attitude through it all. Danto has already heard of the Murders and the Purple Man From Foxy And Chica. He likes to hang out in the Parts And Services room and Kids Cove. The Puppet has already taken an Interest in Danto and sometimes watches him as he plays with the other new Animatronics and listens to Foxy tell Danto a story in his mighty voice. Danto is ready for anything that comes at him! Although he might not know it!

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