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  • ArkaineDestiny


    June 7, 2015 by ArkaineDestiny

    Alright, so, I decided, like a few other people, to create a FanFiction. Yes, it's crap. Yes, it's untitled. Yes, it's predictable and generic. But it's something, at least. It took me around an hour to think and type up, due to the lack of creatism I have. Just PLEASE take into account that this was an on-the-spot decision. If this gets bad feedback, then yes, I will discontinue this FanFiction.

    Now, with this story, I've made it so that YOU, the readers, can comment on what the next chapter should be about. It could be just a sentence-suggestion to an idea that spans three paragraphs, I don't care. I'm going to read every suggestion left down there. This includes Character names, events, and even the title for the story itself. But yeah, …

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  • ArkaineDestiny

    ey b0ss

    can i habe

    admin pls?

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  • ArkaineDestiny

    Quality Control

    April 29, 2015 by ArkaineDestiny

    I have decided to take it upon myself to be the Wiki's Quality Controller until an actual Quality Control team rolls up. I'm doing this voluntarily, so if the Staff of this wiki would like me to cease what I am doing, I will gladly oblige them.

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