Alex Finucane

aka Irish

  • I live in Limerick, ireland
  • I am real male
  • Alex Finucane

    Limited Wikia now

    January 15, 2016 by Alex Finucane

    I well come back wikia. Now

    Limited time Jan 15th to March 1st

    Guys please can send my message wall.

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  • Alex Finucane

    I'm get original User because no longer fnaf rp wikia

    Q: Why you no longer leave wikia?

    A:Because old people stay in fnaf rp wikia

    Q:Did you last day fnaf rp wikia?

    A: Yes well get sad soon leave wikia.

    Q:You well Delete account?

    A: Very well 2025 years delete account (True)

    Q: You have new friends fnaf rp?

    A: sure 5.2/10 rate

    Q:Did people ignore me?

    A: yes

    Q: When you now leave wikia?

    A: later 17:30PM

    Q: Do you have wikia?

    A: yes I'm stay long wikia.

    I'm think leave wikia... but good olds day for me having fun people somtime new users join in FNAF rp. I'm bored people not talk for me. I'm think long more  than less 1 hours. Sure about fnaf rp chat sometime people not funny or joke for me why well get old joke and never help me anying more. I get alone t…

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  • Alex Finucane

    I'm good guy go to work fnaf world wiki now.

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  • Alex Finucane

    (private Blog Closed) 

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  • Alex Finucane

    Get bad days

    October 18, 2015 by Alex Finucane

    I'm not happy because People sometime not funny or crossing from chat room.

    I like funny or joke everyone more.

    go to Steam alone and bored. 

    please better :(

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