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"Uhh, there have been reports of a 3-headed monster around the building, gotta be careful!"
Phone Guy talking about the unknown monster in FNaF 2.

The unknown monster is a hostile non-animatronic and can be the most dangerous character in all games it appeared in.

The act of defending depends on the game, and is hard to protect against. It becomes active on Night 4.

About it

It is wrapped in mystery, and all that is known is that it hates light.


This monster has several different forms, a list is below.

It's first form looks like a T with 3 skeleton-like heads on top and rib-like parts on its lower body. It has bone-like skin and it is black and gray in color with red eyes similar to Bonnie's endoskeleton eyes, but larger. It looks like a Wither from Minecraft. This form is used in FNaF 2.

it's second form has the same coloring as before, as well as the same eyes, but a very different appearence. It has a humanoid Scorpion-like body, similar to the Yu-Gi-Oh monster "The Mystical Beast of Serket" in its 3700 ATK form, however, it is very different. it has 4 sets of legs, it's top head is skull like with sharp teeth. it's lower head is dragon-like, with blue eyes instead of this creature's normal red eyes. the end of its tail is not scorpion-like, but it is still pointed. it does not have the spikes on it's body, and only has the top arms. it's hands are sharp claws, rather than scorpion claws, and it's legs are spider/scorpion-like. it is also about the same size as the other animatronics. This form is used in FNaF 1.


FNaF 1

It takes both ways and can go into the office (and kill the player)  even if the doors are closed. The only way to repel him is to flick the door lights at him, like Foxy in FNaF 2.

FNaF 2

The only way to repel him is to raise the monitor during his jumpscare.

FNaF 3

Let the phantoms jumpscare you. He needs to breathe too, because he's not an animatronic, so now, its good to have ventilation errors as soon as this guy comes.

FNaF 4

Not hostile unlike how he was in FNaF 1-3

other things unknown




  • in FNaF 1, he is repealed the same way as Fredbear in the (old) fan game FNaF Fredbear
  • His FNaF 2 defense tactic is unintentionally similar to the way of defending from Golden Freddy from fnaf 1
  • His jumpscare sound actually came from the makers mouth, made louder.
  • Each of his forms are based of the creature that they are said to resemble.

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