Undyne's Personality

She is a very strong-willed and confident young lady. She tends to be highly competitive but she is a very great teacher, as she was mentor to Papyrus and Shyren. Her respect for Asgore is quite high and she obeys all of his commands, as she is captain of the Royal Guard. She is often determined to get things done and quick. She can also be unmerciful in fights with her enemies, so try not to get on her bad side. She currently is in a relationship with Alphys.

Undyne's Physical Attributes

Undyne by duplighosts-d9bz6yc

She has light blue skin with fins that are pinker toward the tips. She has yellow, sharp fangs with black lips. Her sclera is yellow with cat-like pupils with an eyepatch over her right eye. Her hair is a pinkish-reddish colored pulled up into a ponytail, one side of her head is shaved yet the other has long bangs, only showing part of her eyepatch. Her outfit honestly depends, but she is usually found wearing her armor. She is 6'3" and she weighs 93 lb.

Her Likes and Dislikes

She likes her job as a captain, strawberry cake, the color maroon, ANIME (Black Butler, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online), manga, yuri, her girlfriend Alphys, swimming, rock music, teaching, sleeping, basketball, acting, playing the guitar (acoustic and electric) and punkrock clothing. She dislikes, on the other hand, poofy frilly things, contour, horse rides, rap music, pop music, country music and being defeated.


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