Jane Crocker is a character from Homestuck

Theme song

Known for/nicknames

She was the weirdest as well, being the first one to lick the Calliope/Caliborn lollipop juju. She earned the title/nickname of "The Blue Crocker Cupcake".


The Lollipop Juju: Power/Weapon. Can be used wisely to turn anyone into a trickster, because as the Homestuck logic said, "Whoever lies their eyes upon the lollipop can not resist one lick." Which is hard for her not to use, since she carries it.

Soaring:Skill. As she was seen with Jake in the chase for turning Roxy into a trickster, she can soar a little bit. Very weakly.

Blitzy Blue Cupcake Smash: Power/Attack. She taps her clip and summons a gigantic glittery blue hammer that look like a cupcake on the top and she smashes her foe at least two times, as the hammer is heavy.


She's too careless for one. Though, she could be a gymnast with her skills of gymnastics and how flexible she is.

Typing style and Screen name

Perfect grammar, and at times a bit SiLlY! Screen name is dreamedMagic. {DM}

Backstory and personality

"Well, I was a princess living in my own lalaland living lonely and a loner with a pair of two princes my life was a little dull and I have to admit it was bitter sweet like acid rain and nobody ever knew how much pain it was until I had unlocked this new mode, giggly and bubbly, free with roam and struck by love by a great boy named Kaine I didn't know how to resist my heart was set and I fell in love with him!" (That was in a good singing, high-pitched voice.)

Role in the FNaF verse

She visited and just began hanging around. Though she never asked to be lonely or for an ugly story, she was quite lonely there. Until she flew down from the roof and went inside. She got here when the other tricksters got split up. She ended up here, Roxy ended up in the MLP universe, Jake ended up in the DC universe, John ended up in the Mogeko universe and Dirk ended up in the Animal Jam universe.


Trickster Jane

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