Oh, and there is a Toy version of Springtrap. Unlike him, he will try to kill you and is more active than Springtrap himself. Beware of him. - Phone Guy describing Toy Springtrap


Toy Springtrap was a new animatronic and the redesigned version of Springtrap.

He catch you very good.

Keep out of him inside parts & service

Allies and Enemies


  • Mangle
  • New Toy Bonnie (girlfriend, similar to Springtrap and Toy Bonnie)
  • Withered Freddy
  • Darker


  • Springtrap (main enemy)
  • Toy Bonnie
  • Foxy
  • Kaine Flow
  • Silver Racer
  • Bannie the Bunny


During a fight between Toy Springtrap and New Toy Bonnie, and Springtrap and Toy Bonnie, Springtrap neutralized New Toy Bonnie, allowing Toy Bonnie to kill Toy Springtrap. However, Springtrap suffered a concussion not long after and died, but was later revived.

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