Were you looking for one of Toy Silver's counterparts: Silver, Phantom Silver, or Nightmare Silver?

I don't know why but for some reason Toy Silver is a lot more aggressive when there is sound. But when there is silence she will calm down. Probably just a glitch. But you should still keep that music box wound.

- Phone a Guy mentioning Toy Silver on night 2


Toy Silver looks much like the original Silver except she has red blush and is completely undamage.


Like Phone Guy said Toy Silver will hunt the player only when the music box is wound. But once Puppet leaves the prize corner Toy Silver will teleport back to the Prize Corner and will not leave. Toy Silver will leave around 2am. She will go either to the main hall or Party Room 2. If she goes to Party Room 2 she will enter the Right Air Vent. She is not fooled by the Freddy Fazbear head. If she goes through the Main Hall then the player can flash the light at her. If she goes through the vents she will not be affected by the vent lights and will proceed to attack the player resulting in a Game Over.


  • Unlike her original counterpart Toy Silver keeps her endoskeleton eyes the entire time and only has her regular eyes when she is jumpscaring the player.
  • Wether she goes through the Main Hall or Party Room is randomized.
  • If she goes through the main hall and appears in the hallway if the player flashes her light at her she will teleport back to the prize corner and go through the main hall again. She will keep repeating this route until she kills the player.
  • The Silver paper doll from the first game will appear in the office in the second game too.
  • An empty Toy Silver head will appear with the rest of the heads in the third game.
  • Upon finishing night 2 the player will be taken to a mini game where they will play as Toy Silver. They will be in a maze and have 1 minute to get out. If they do the mini game will end. If they fail a child scream is heard and the camera will go to the exit where purple guys car is driving away.
  • its possible scream was a chi,d getting killed by purple guy.
  • It is unknown why Toy Silver is in a maze.

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