This OC contains a LOT of speculations... please more gonna be confirmed soon

Toy Fredbear is second OC of DFTP. Toy Fredbear was made in 1987 after FNAF 4 Location shut down and he have an counterpart Shadow of himself...

Appearance of Toy Fredbear is familiar to Toy Freddy only Toy Fredbear is more fatter than Toy Freddy and doesn't move his mouth familiar to Balloon Boy.


Very often he comes from Parts/Service room and has several allies: Toy Freddy and Springtrap. He sometimes has sitting position like Golden Freddy and he moves first to Party Room then teleports to Arcade Room and sooner to The Office. Sometimes he will appear as Shadow of Himself however they are seperate.

Shadow of Toy Fredbear is a ghost who haunts Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. He represent employee who died inside of the suit however not of this one. This animatronic is also less fat and has differences with the original Toy Fredbear. He also has head of the original Fredbear and suit of the unwithered Fredbear costume. He's appearance is almost to Golden Freddy and Shadow Freddy however he doesn't have purple color or pink tints like Shadow Freddy. This character is special and counted as a ghost however he doesn't have enemies or allies. You know why.

Toy Fredbear

  • It can be possible that he is possesed by some kid that was never seen.
  • This animatronic may possibly have no endoskeleton it is supported by in his head doesn't seen an endoskeleton.
  • This animatronic could be a ghost or a springlock and it is supported by his yellow color and being Fredbear.

Shadow of Toy Fredbear

  • he could be possesed by a Bite Victim.