"-Well recently, due to some troubles at the sister location with their original Animatronic Characters, we decided to take back the Toys in a new and Improved way-" -Phone Guy

Toy Foxy 2.1 is an improved model of Mangle.

Toy Foxy and the other toys were remade to try out 1 more Pizzeria, and their goal is to not fail, so the toys are kid friendly,  and are also a knew version, so shouldn't be any problems....hopefully

The New Programming

All the Toys have been upgraded to a new level of 2.1 which gives them more tech, Criminal Database and all that, with the new tech they'll be able to know if anyone is carrying an illegal weapon or any dangerous weapon around the public and as well, Kids.

So they'll be able to know who has a weapon and take away the weapon with them in case the person was trying to lead any child into a Private/Staff Only Room.

Some new facial features has also been added to the Toys, over the plastic they added fur and feathers (feathers only for Toy Chica) and Toy Foxy 2.1 has gotten sharper teeth, but is as well kept away from all the Kids.

Toy Foxy 2.1 Animatronic

During the upgrades of the Toys and you may of seen some of the upgraded looks for the Toys.

Toy Foxy 2.1 has gotten new features such as: Tougher body material (also covered in fur), sharper teeth to handle any Criminals, but is also kept away from the Kids so they can't rip her apart, and also to keep away from the sharp features.

The appearance for Toy Foxy 2.1 is that she has a pink heart shaped chest area, white fur/plastic, a white and pink tail, rosy red cheeks, pink snout, yellow eyes, white and pink ears and wears a bow tie. Also wears pink like Toy Chica.

The staff decided to do this improvement for Toy Foxy 2.1 because they didn't want to keep rebuilding her again.

Toy Foxy