This is just uh... something, I don't know, something about story of mike or whatever i dunno, just read if ya wanna, also, If you complain because it is horrible, deal with it, this is something I decided to make, mmk?


Le Story And Stuff

(Text in ~'s mean that's Mikes Journal.)

~Uhhh.. I am Mike Schmidt, and maybe somebody is reading this which is good.. cool, as some of you already know, I am currently stuffed into a Freddy suit, I am writing this with an animatronic hand, and I hope everybody does not come to this place.. Just don't, unless you want to be a furry attraction... Good night.~

Freddy Mikebear gets up from the table, in a freddy suit. (When I say Freddy Mikebear that's mike in a freddy suit.)

"Another boring day as a Freddy thing..." Mike says, still not forgetting the day he was stuffed.

Bonnie comes into the backstage.

"Oh, hey there, Freddy Mikebear.." Bonnie says.

"Stop calling me that.." Freddy Mikebear says.

"But It's now your like.. official name dude.." Bonnie says.

"Fine.." Freddy Mikebear says.

"Bonnie, when am I gonna be able to actually do something for god sakes?" Freddy Mikebear asks.

"Well, people we stuff in spare Freddy Fazbear suits never do anything, just sit here, if you want me to re-stuff you or something into a new character suit or something, I could try, I am the one who got you after-all.." Bonnie says.

"Well, I atleast wanna do something... no matter what." Freddy Mikebear says.

(Moar coming soon.)