The Wrathfire Sisters

Name: Regina Wrathfire

Gender: Female

Species: Sea Monster[Gojirasaurus]

Class: Paladin

Color: Green

Height: 40 feet

Weight: 3056 lbs

Eye Color: Yellow

Hair Color: Hot Pink

Theme Song: Ten Wo Tsuke

Appearance: Regina is a massive humanoid reptilian sea monster.  She has green scales and hot pink hair and dorsal plates.  She is very trim, slightly shorter than Titannia.  She is normally seen wearing a black thong and an orange sweatshirt.


Name: Krystal Wrathfire

Gender: Female

Species: Sea Monster[Crystalloid Gojirasaurus]

Class: Psion

Color: Blue/Purple

Height: 50 feet

Weight: 3500 pounds

Eye Color: Orange

Hair Color: Orange

Theme Song: Cruel Angel's Thesis

Appearance: Not as voluptuous as Titannia, but fr bulkier than Regina, Krystal Wrathfire has a very athletic build reflecting her more aggressive style.  Meant to be the ‘evil’ sea monster, she fits it with an almost perpetual ‘Slasher Smile’ and a love of wreaking havoc.  She rarely wears clothes but her ‘bits’ are hidden under heavy plated scales, keeping her modesty as best as can be expected.  She has two large crystalline spires on her shoulders and a ‘horn’ of crystal she uses for energy focusing.

1209786309.captainslug crystal-stroll

Occupation: Regina and Krystal were intended to debut alongside Titannia.  They’re meant to be other ‘sea monster’ animatronics that Foxy would fight.  They were eventually finally built by AEU to serve as living battle engines for the Saint Elmo’s Fire’s sister ships, the Nagnarok, and the Save the Queen.

History: Originally ‘planned’ animatronics, after the disastrous costs of Titannia’s upkeep became clear, their projects were put on indefinite hold.  During the ‘Phantom War’ they were unshelved and finally built using the same technology used to make Titannia.  Although both were given specialized abilities much like Titannia’s immense strength and speed.

Specialty: Regina is a ‘leader’, she can scan battlefield and plan the best route and method of attack.  She also has a powerful heat-generating sonic attack, a ‘Nuclear Blast’ if you will, which can overheat and short out electronic targets and cause severe burns to humans.  She also has a nuclear pulse, which does the same, albeit as a small area-of-effect attack instead of a long-ranged beam.

Krystal, however, uses electromagnetism to emulate psychic abilities, mainly Telekinesis, as well as being able to launch powerful electromagnetic blasts.  What she lacks in tactical prowess she makes up for in sheer variety of abilities, such as levitation and even a short ranged version of Golden Freddy’s teleportation.

Power: Both were designed to be powerful fighters, their specialized abilities made to ‘balance’ them with Titannia’s immense strength and speed.  They’re built for combat, though are far less aggressive than Salindra, obeying their ‘captain’ without issue.

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