The Tricksters are all the regular kids of Homestuck, except more... happy. So happy. Careless. They dress in pastel colors and look all cutesy. It is scary. Only three tricksters have died. Trickster male Jane (Jared), Trickster female Dirk (Dira) and Trickster female Jake (Jamie).

(This will be a MAJOR w.i.p for a while. Please stand by as I get them all finished.

Trickster Dave

5tC2AlVm.png "HeHeHeHe! Of course I would love to dance with you, my dear love!"

Full name: Dave "Sweetie" Strider

Title: Knight of Joy

Eye color: Lavender

Hair color: Light pink (Almost white)

Skin color: Peach. (Underneath shirt he has pink and blue lines)

Personality: Joyous, careful and artsy.

Item applied to hair: Strawberry.

Nickname: Dav

Age: 17

Location: Land of Gum and Cherries

Occupation:  Guardian of Bubblegum castle

Species: Gumdrop Trickster (Species being deeply interested in comedy and sugar)

New chumhandle: gummyGuardian (GG)

Height: 7'3"

Weight: 96 lb.

Weakness: Darkness, broken heart.

Strengths: Gum, gummy bears.

Weapon: Gummy bear dagger.

Trickster Fem Dave (Davie)

KPabXBFm.png"I don't neeDdto shake my ass for you. I have a brain. Douchebag."

Full name: Davie "Sweetie" Strider

Title: Knight of Passion

Eye color: Bright pink

Hair color: Green

Skin color: Peach

Personality: Cool, chill, happy.

Item applied to hair: Hidden in hood, but a cookie.

Nickname: Dashie

Age: 14

Location: Land of Unicorns and Rainbows

Occupation: Princess of Rain castle.

Species: Royal Trickster (Trickster of royalty.)

New chumhandle: royaltyDemenise (RD)

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 86 lb.

Weakness: Being dethroned, being strangled.

Strengths: Her royalty.

Weapon: Cherry whip.

Trickster Male Jade (Jude)

uzrxt26m.jpg "Uhh... hello. I'm Jude."

Full name: Jude "Rebelle" Harley

Title: Witch of Peace

Eye color: Yellow

Hair color: Light gray

Skin color: Dark gray

Personality: Quiet, peaceful

Item applied to hair: Dog ears

Nickname: Judis

Age: 19

Location: Land of Dogs and Ice

Occupation: Villager

Species: Meta Trickster (Unknown if trickster or not.)

New chumhandle: venusesLove

Height: 10'1"

Weight: 109 lb.

Weakness: Being stabbed or scratched

Strengths: His dog power.

Weapon: His dog teeth.

Trickster Jade

npfJmRgm.png"Don't judge a gal by her look. That's rude."

Full name: Jade "Rebelle" Harley

Title: Witch of Fashion

Eye color: Mint

Hair color: Blonde

Skin color: Peach

Personality: Diva, like a popular kid.

Item applied to hair: Ice cream

Nickname: Jadey

Age: 15

Location: Land of Clothes and Smiles

Occupation: Queen of Clothes

Species: Royal Trickster

New chumhandle: shooshHug

Height: 7'11"

Weight: 104 lb.

Weakness: Being tackled, WATER, smeared make-up.

Strengths: Her dress. (It has her spirit basically)

Weapon: Lollipop.

Trickster Male Rose (Ross)


Trickster Rose


Trickster Female John (Joana)


Trickster John


Trickster Dirk


Trickster Jake


Trickster Male Roxy (Ron)


Trickster Roxy


Trickster Jane


Trickster Calliope


Trickster Calliborn


Trickster Aradia


Trickster Tavros


Trickster Sollux


Trickster Karkat


-W.I.P (To be ADDED: All mid-bloods and high-bloods in beta timeline, ALL trolls in alpha timeline.) (To be done/completed/finished: All beta kids besides Dave and Davie, all alpha kids, the cherubs, all low-bloods for beta timeline.)-

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