I dare you to go to this place named The Red Place... It's super scary... trust me.
— Somebody daring his friend to go to "The Red Place".


The Red Place's interior looks like the first pizzeria in the series of the Five Nights At Freddy's games, but a powerful red mist spreads the building, making it look red, and there is no Dining Area, no Kitchen, and no Show Stage, there is also a red animatronic (, sitting near the door to the Backstage, instead of it being called the backstage though, it is called "SUIT ROOM 1", possibly implying people once wore the suits, like some people did with the suits with Spring Locks, as in the third game in FNaF games, it also seems there are no hallways to the office, but the office is near where the dining room would be, with a huge hole there, allowing things to get in somehow, there is also a broken open vent near Suit Room 1.

More might be added here soon.


"The Red Place" is not a real name for the place. It is rather a name people call it, The Red Place is assumed to be an abandoned building, meant to be something like Freddy Fazbear's. It all went wrong when Mistan killed a whole group of employees and then it was abandoned, never to be seen again. There are also two animatronics that were shipped over and unused and also left to rot.

Hallucinations That Appear

Some hallucinations can appear when anyone is in the building. Probably because the red mist does something to people who step in it.

Help Us

This hallucination gives the person flashing images of a picture of Mistan twitching with the words "HELP US" on the top. This disappears after a while though.


This hallucination makes the person see flashing images of an empty Freddy head, empty Bonnie head, empty Chica head and empty Foxy head. This disappears after a while though.

That's all for now.


Mistan (

The Puppet

Spring Cling


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