The Observer is an animatronic created inside a machine, however, the making of him did not go too well, as the machine was not used by good people, and instead well, a bad person, that didn't understand the machine. He came out as a soulless killer, who collects info on anyone he can find by secretly watching them, who also adds it to his notebook.

He always says that whoever kills him first, gets to have his notebook, and learn about secrets of many people.



The Observer looks just like a normal endoskeleton from FNAF1, but he has a very dark gray look, and has visible brown dust of some sort on him, it seems like the dust was threw at the animatronic at an angle, and it covered parts of him with it, and he wears very tattered and dirty brown cloth on him, he also wears a cowboy hat. His eyes seem to be able to glow in the darkness, emitting a brown light, but they are mostly drained of all light alot and deactivated, the pupils of his eyes are also brown. He wears a mechanical claw on one of his hands, and inside the claw, it pumps out toxic gas, and on the tip of the claw, The Observer can open the tip of the claw, and release the gas, it also seems that his face looks a tiny-bit flesh-like and mauled up, but its not that noticeable.


The Observer was an animatronic created inside a secretly stolen machine from a group of animatronics and humans, the person who stole it did not know how to work the machine, but eventually found a way to start it, he put in the things he thought was needed to create an animatronic inside the machine, but it went horribly wrong, as those were definitely not the right resources, and was definitely not the right way to do it, The Observer broke out of the machine, and escaped, and then set off into the deserts, finding some brown tattered clothing, a cowboy hat, and then resources to make a toxic gas creator, and an advanced claw that can slash at his enemies, and also release toxic gas to poison the enemy.


  • He was slightly inspired by Scarecrow, from Batman.
  • The creator of this page seems to like creating lots of Endoskeleton characters, which explains why he made The Observer an endoskeleton.
  • The creator of this page actually has another endoskeleton character, but he is on another wiki, and is not as good as The Observer.